25 L x 19 W-inch Undermount Single Bowl 16G Kitchen Sink Workstation with Accessories Included

by Stylish

Adding style and functionality to your kitchen has never been easier with the amazing Versa25 kitchen sink workstation which includes one 25x19 single bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink, one protective stainless steel bottom grid, one ledge sink steel-silicone coated drying rack, one perfect fit bamboo cutting board. This workstation sink comes with the ledge on the longer sides of the sink. This ledge allows the kitchen sink accessories to perfectly fit making it a unique and functional experience. The undermount stainless steel kitchen sink features not only a rear set drain, but the drain is also set to the rear right corner of the kitchen sink, this is a brilliant feature that truly allows maximum space under the kitchen cabinet, sink bottom is designed with small slope and grooves for efficient water drainage.

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