32 L x 18 W-inch Undermount Low Divider Double Bowl 50/50 16G Stainless Steel Sink Grids, Strainers

by Stylish

Professionally designed with functionality in mind, this 32inch x 18inch undermount double bowl slim low divider kitchen sink is everything you need when it comes to functionality for your kitchen. This undermount double bowl kitchen sink comes with a slim low divider. The slim low divider design is a genius innovation to give you a double bowl sink without banging! It splits the sink into two bowls with a dividing short wall allowing you to rotate your large pans from side to side and wash a cookie sheet without a problem, just as if you were using with a single bowl sink. This design is the perfect blend of a double and a single bowl sink. The openness of a single bowl combined with the divided functionality of a double bowl. Get the best of both with this clever design.

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