22L x 18W-inch Dual Mount Single Bowl 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Laundry Sink with Strainer

by Stylish

This 22 x 18 single bowl undermount or drop-in stainless-steel laundry sink integrates perfectly in a variety of spaces. Its modern style is specifically designed for the busy parent and young professional in mind, it is perfect as a laundry or utility sink. The sink features dual mount installation: 1" rim all around that has the same brushed finish as the inside of the sink, this sink is designed to be installed undermount or drop-in. It features a refined brushed finished. Included with the sink is a luxury matching basket strainer and mounting brackets. The deep design not only accommodates more space for washing, but it also hides dirty clothes in the sink basin and under the countertop line. A rear-set drain provides more usable surface area and storage space under the sink. This sink is equipped with soundproofing system including a protective coating and rubber pads to create a quieter laundry experience when the sink is in use.

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