Vertical Grain Fir


 A perfectly Swede solution for adding stylish functionality to your project. 

This shelf is 12'' wide and comes in 9 different lengths for you to choose from.


When you use adhesive to mount these shelves, they can support up to 15lbs per foot. We recommend using PL Premium adhesive for mounting.

Our installation process is designed for the DIY warrior in you with it's approachable installation method. Installation instructions will come with your shelf.

For installation, you will require #10 4'' wood screws, PL premium glue, a level and a drill. These items are not provided in your order, but your mounting cleat is.

Just like our doors, all of our shelves are manufactured right here in Canada. 


Would you like to see your finish sample size first? Order 3.5''x3.5'' sample first to confirm that you love the finish! (or not... we know you'll love it!)

Do you have questions?

Our Swede Advisors are on call to help you with any information and support you need. They will also be able to help you align on a high-level budget before initiating your design experience.