Master Oak (Sample)

Type: Door Samples

Introducing the latest generation of recycled wood paneling. Our Master Oak collection is made with 95% recycled wood products resulting in a finish that looks and feels exactly like real wood, but which is considerably more durable and cost effective. Technically speaking, Master Oak is a melamine veneer, but using the latest technology this door offers the best of both worlds.

  1. Scratch resistant: 3 times more resistant to scratches than real oak.
  2. Real wood look & feel: when it's in your hands, you will think it's real wood.
  3. Effortless in maintenance: easy to clean and maintain.

To learn more about Master Oak and why we chose to include it as part of our Swede door library, please see check out this video below.

Why Master Oak

Grab your samples and see first hand why we think this recycled wood product will be the perfect option for your project!


Each sample will measure 7-1/4'' X 7-1/4''

Do you have questions?

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